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The Meadow Creek Village Community Watch

The Meadow Creek Village Community Watch was established in 2008 by concerned homeowners and in conjunction with The Locust Police Department and The Cabarrus Sheriff's Department.  In Locust, The Meadow Creek Community Watch was the pilot Community Watch and now Locust Police and other Locust communities are doing the same to help combat crime in our developments and the area.   When we have a alert or news it is sent out to all residents of our community who are registered to receive the e-mail alerts.  We also ask that each and every homeowner become a eye in our community and if you see something that does not look or feel right to please call 911 or The Locust Police and send a note into our Community Watch so we may alert the residents.   It is strictly volunteer to join for the alerts and your information will be held in the strictest of confidence.    Locust Police Department Neighborhood Watch Website



Locust Police Department  704-888-4744   Non Emergency 704-986-3700

Cabarrus Sheriff's Department  704-920-3000

Stanly Sheriff's Department  704-986-3714

Georgeville Volunteer Fire Department  704-782-3370


Cabarrus County Animal Control  704-920-3288

Stanly County Animal Control  704-986-3881


Locust Police Department Community Newsletter

and Call Reports from Locust Police

This will be updated monthly or as needed


Locust Police Department Community Newsletters - Please click on the link below to view each issue

November 2014, Volume 3, Edition 11


Locust Police Criminal/Service Call Reports  OCTOBER 2014 CRIMINAL/SERVICE CALL REPORT

October 2014 Criminal/Service Call Report

I'm happy to report that we received ZERO reportable calls from the Meadow Creek Village sub-division in October. This means that there were no criminal offense calls or even service calls for the month that required a report.
I am not privy to the number of neighborhood patrols logged for each specific Locust neighborhood however I can also report that the department logged 674 neighborhood patrols for the month.

I would also offer the reminder especially for any new residents at Meadow Creek Village that although the larceny rate in Locust is low (a 0.16 daily average larceny occurrence from the person, vehicles, or residences in 2013), our residents are still at risk of having valuables stolen especially when some simple precautions are not taken. Routinely when I patrol the sub-division in the late night and early morning hours I have noticed residences with garage doors open and at times even with the lights in the garage on. This is an easy opportunity for someone to remove something that may be valuable from the garage area. I encourage everyone to make sure their garage doors and vehicles are secure at night. My simple rule is if it is something you do not want taken, you should not leave the item somewhere that makes it easy or easier to take.

Keep up the great work on a wonderful and peaceful community!

Officer Jeff Shew
Locust Police Department

Dated 11/11/14



If you need any assistance please contact

Telephone:  704-644-8808


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